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Company address: Chenghouchunyu Village, Donglai District, Longkou city, Shandong Province, China.

Business telephone: 15865605855

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Wechat: zjgang852



Yantai Innovation Auto PartsCo.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D  production. The company is located in Chenghouchunyu Village, Donglai District, Longkou city, Shandong Province, China.

The company specializes in the production of automobile engine  rear axle accessories, rubber  plastic products, chemical hardware products.

The auto parts products include advancer, governor parts, hub shaft sleeve, oil seal seat, etc. the products have been matched for Weichai, Shanqi Gai, longpump  Kangda for a long time;

Rubber  plastic products mainly include container liquid bag valve, liquid bag valve  water bag valve, which are matched by excelsior, Lide  Rongda;

Chemical hardware products are mainly used in the production of carbon black industry accessories: carbon black raw material oil gun nozzle, fuel oil gun nozzle, water-cooled nozzle, soft oil gun head, oil gun rod, etc., which are supplied to Evonik, Boao, Linglong East China  other carbon black plants.

The company has technical personnel of engineer level,  30% of the company has Bachelor degree  above. The company has strong product development ability. It can develop, design  produce according to the requirements of users. Through the cooperation  introduction with many scientific research institutes, the product quality of Jingxin company reaches the international advanced level. The company has passed the ISO-9002 / QS9000 quality system certification at one time. International advanced production technology  quality assurance system ensure that the company provides reliable high-quality products  quality services to domestic  foreign countries.