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What is the reason that the ball valve switch is in place?

2020-07-07 14:10:03

There are two main reasons for the damage of ball valve: one is that the valve switch is in place; the other is that the sealing surface is damaged. Then I'll give you a specific explanation. I hope it will help you a lot.

There are several reasons that affect the ball valve switch in place

1. Because of the structural resolution of the ball valve, the materials are simply piled up, the materials in the valve cavity, bearing cavity, tension spring valve cavity are simply accumulated. Because of the structure of the ball valve, the material is difficult to handle, the purging will greatly affect the coating of the ball.

2. Because of the frequent switching, the internal parts of the ball valve are changed the mechanical properties are changed.

3. The output of the cylinder is too small to produce torque.

4. In the lock bucket valve, the longest phenomenon of ball valve is pressure holding jamming, which is decided by the lock bucket valve in its process direction, the structure of ball valve cannot be avoided.

5. The phenomenon of metal bonding is mainly caused by the mismatching on the selection of hard coating by manufacturers.

6. The failure of the scraper is mainly due to the fact that the manufacturer has selected the appropriate materials when selecting the raw materials of the scraper, which makes it hard to be rigid easy to deform. Moreover, when selecting the tension spring, the strength of the tension spring is good.

7. The packing failed because of the change of high-pressure in the slag locking direction of the lock bucket, which made the packing very simple to damage.

8. Heat expansion cold contraction

The damage of sealing surface of ball valve has the following reasons:

1. Metal bonding, metal bonding phenomenon in the hard seal ball valve damage can be said to be a great contributor.

2. Corrosion.

3. Creep.

4. Wear.

5. Erosion, because the ball valve in the use of the process, corrosion, creep, conflict is continuous, the erosion of the ball valve, conflict is always a part of the conflict, small damage leads to the aggravation of scouring, eventually make the ball valve completely invalid.

The above content is to give you a detailed explanation of the reasons for the ball valve switch is in place, I believe you have further study understanding, if you want to know more information, please continue to pay attention to us.




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