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Transportation requirements for ball valves

2020-07-07 14:21:47

Ball valve is the equipment that we use to control the flow direction pressure of liquid. It is very common in our life. When the user completes the purchase, we need to deliver the product to the door. At this time, we need to put forward some requirements for its transportation. Here we will introduce the transportation requirements of the product

1. The product certificate, product description packing list shall be attached when leaving the factory.

2. Packing shipping:

All kinds of ball valves with nominal size less than Dn40 shall be packed shipped. For ball valves with nominal size less than DN50, except as specified in the contract, they can be packed in bulk in other ways, but the parts shall be damaged lost during normal transportation.

3. The export shall be containerized as far as possible.

4. The land transport packing box shall be placed in a weather proof box car covered with rain proof canvas. If transported by sea, measures shall be taken to prevent the internal external surfaces of the equipment being corroded by salt fog in marine environment.

5. The transportation package should be complete neat. The inner cargo shall be evenly distributed loaded, placed in order, properly padded, fixed in the middle lower position as far as possible.

6. If there is a lifting position on the outside of the packing box, it must be strictly carried out to prevent accidental damage.

7. The wooden cases for loading loading must be fixed to prevent damage to the integrity of wooden cases due to vibration during transportation.

8. Attention should be paid to safety during loading unloading, the lifting equipment shall be used to lift heavy objects exceeding its rated load.

With the development of society, more more ball valve applications, but no matter what form of transportation, we must comply with the transport requirements to ensure that the products to the user's hands are complete, so as to attract repeat customers enhance the profits of manufacturers.


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