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Four characteristics of liquid bag valve

2020-08-22 09:26:13

1、 New technology makes its sealing performance strong

It is one of the new technologies adopted in Guangzhou container liquid bag to adopt integrated injection molding of valve flange. As the valve body, flange liquid bag are more tightly bonded, the leakage the valve is reduced

possibility. The sealing performance is more perfect, which can greatly reduce the loss along the way, improve the safety performance, reduce the leakage pollution of chemicals, reduce the damage to the environment along the way

2、 Special seal ring

The advantage of using silicone rubber as the sealing ring of liquid container valve further expands the application range of liquid container in Guangzhou. Silicone rubber is only non-toxic, but also can prevent strong corrosion

Corrosion of the goods, can be damaged in high temperature. The three advantages can meet the transportation needs of food, chemical high-temperature preservation;

3、 Special butterfly plate

The butterfly plate adopts quilting frame structure, which has high strength large overflow area. However, due to its small flow resistance, after taking out the articles after transportation, the liquid bag has less residual liquid, which can avoid waste to a large extent, save costs for users improve transportation efficiency;

4、 It has self-locking function

Due to its special design, the valve stem has self-locking function, it is easy to install operate, which ensures the safety during transportation. Even if there is a fault, the self-locking function will also ensure that the items in the liquid bag will leak out.

The above content is to give you a detailed explanation of the four characteristics of the liquid container valve to know the content, I believe you have further study understanding. If you want to know more, please follow us.


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